Steele Design Studio limited offers an easy to use website creator which you can leverage to setup your site with no need of having to write a single line of code. It’s truly simple to use, with a pretty common interface. The website creator has quite a lot of exceptional website templates which are ideal for a variety of site types, and every website template has lots of color and layout setups. Plus, all site themes are responsive and work on mobile devices.

The website creator is offered with all Linux shared website hosting, Linux VPS web hosting, Linux semi-dedicated hosting, and Linux dedicated servers hosting plans, as long as you chose the Steele Design Studio limited Site Control Panel.

An easy–to–navigate website creator

No coding know–how is necessary

The website creator packed with the Steele Design Studio limited dashboard is pretty easy to use. It helps you construct your site via simple point and click commands. There’s no need to have experience with HTML, CSS or some other back–end language. If have ever used a web app or perhaps a text editing app, you’ll know how to employ the website creator.

Using the tool’s interface, you can move page contents to your liking and customize their style with just a click. Also, you could add photos, videos, and even your own blog, etc. in seconds.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An assortment of creative themes

Modern–looking website designs that look great across mobile phones

To generate a good–looking site, you will need a good infrastructure. This is why, the Steele Design Studio limited’s website creator features a rich collection of one of a kind site designs, applicable to any type of websites – personal pages, ecommerce stores, community boards, etc.

Each website theme is easy to personalize, with multiple patterns, unique color configurations and in–built support for well over a hundred different fonts. You could change every one of these settings with a click. Plus, if at any moment you have the desire to switch your site theme and choose a different one, all edits you have completed will be carried over instantly.

An assortment of creative themes

Built–in help area and step–by–step videos

Find out exactly how quick & easy it actually is to jumpstart a web presence

The Steele Design Studio limited’s website creator is equipped with a helpdesk which features detailed how–to articles and videos inspired by the most commonly asked questions by users.

You’ll be able to find out how to edit your template and create an all new page. Also, you can see how you can switch your current theme or maybe install an e–cart onto your site.

In addition, you can communicate with us at any moment should you require prompt assistance with your site.

Video Tutorials